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Suzuki Sierra SJ50 / SJ70 Clutch Cable

Suzuki Sierra SJ50 / SJ70 Clutch Cable

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Suzuki Sierra SJ50 / SJ70 Clutch Cable

Do you constantly struggle with shifting your Suzuki Sierra clutch pedal? Our Clutch Cable provides the smooth, precise shifting you’ve been missing. This top-quality cable offers:

  • Smooth, precise shifting
  • Durable construction for lasting performance
  • Easy installation
  • Lighter clutch pedal

Upgrade your Sierra’s shifting performance with our OE-Spec clutch cable. The high-grade inner wire and protective outer housing ensure crisp, responsive gear changes.

Tired of sloppy, uncertain shifting? Our clutch cable gives you the quick, crisp gear changes you need to drive with confidence. Engineered to optimize your Suzuki’s original equipment design, this cable improves drivability and control.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or daily commuter, our durable clutch cable is built to withstand heavy use. The tightly wound inner wire and sturdy outer housing stand up to friction and resist stretching or binding over time.


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