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Goss EV173 EGR Valve ~ Exhaust Gas Recirculation

Goss EV173 EGR Valve ~ Exhaust Gas Recirculation

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Get ready to feel the rush of power and efficiency with the Goss EV173 EGR Valve.

  • OEM replacement part for precise fit and function
  • Optimizes exhaust gas recirculation for better combustion
  • Improves throttle response and low-end torque
  • Helps engine run cleaner and boosts fuel economy

The Goss EV173 is engineered to bring out the full potential of your engine. This direct replacement EGR valve regulates exhaust gases to improve combustion efficiency. You’ll enjoy quicker acceleration, smoother idling, and increased fuel mileage. If you want to breathe new life into your ride, the Goss EV173 is the quick upgrade that delivers. Designed to strict OEM specs for seamless installation and performance, this valve optimizes EGR flow for a perfectly tuned engine. The result is a smoother, more responsive drive and improved fuel efficiency. For maximum engine performance and reduced emissions, the Goss EV173 is the smart choice.


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