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This suspension lift used Hilux front leaf springs all round. Work involved all new spring mounts on the chassis, extending the front chassis 300mm, Spring over axle conversion, Hi steer kit, Double cardan joints on both tail shafts, Shock mounts all re-manufactured, Fully boxed gearbox cross-member, Custom front bar to hide chassis extension. This gave the Sierra SJ70 car an impressive 750mm of vertical lift on any one wheel.

Elevate your off-road experience with our customized Sierra SJ70 suspension lift. Our expertly engineered lift kit includes robust Hilux front leaf springs on all corners, ensuring a balanced and sturdy ride. The transformation involves:

  • Chassis Reinforcement: Extending the front chassis by 300mm for enhanced stability.
  • Axle Conversion: A spring-over-axle conversion for superior ground clearance.
  • Steering Upgrade: Installation of a high-steer kit for improved handling on rugged terrains.
  • Driveline Optimization: Double cardan joints on both tail shafts for smooth power transmission.
  • Shock Absorption: Re-manufactured shock mounts for a responsive suspension system.
  • Gearbox Support: A fully boxed gearbox cross-member that fortifies the vehicle’s core.
  • Aesthetic Integration: A custom front bar seamlessly conceals the chassis extension.

This comprehensive upgrade provides an astonishing 750mm vertical lift on any wheel, propelling the Sierra SJ70 to new heights of off-road capability and performance. Enhance your vehicle’s potential and dominate the trails with confidence.