Buyer’s Guide: Suzuki Jimny Suspension Lift Kits

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Why Fit a Lift Kit To Your Suzuki Jimny?

Suzuki Jimny Suspension Lift Kits : Buyer’s Guide, most 4WD enthusiasts want to fit a lift kit for two reasons: aesthetic appeal and practical off-road improvement. From an aesthetic point of view let’s admit it, Jimny’s aren’t the most masculine looking four wheel drives on the market. Add a lift kit combined with some off-road tyres, chuck a bull bar on the front and you’ve got a beefier look.

From a practical perspective adding a suspension lift kit helps to allow the fitment of larger tyres (within reason) but most importantly you achieve steeper approach and departure angles, plus chassis and sill clearance, enhancing your Jimny’s terrain capabilities and preventing bottoming out on rough tracks.

suzuki jimny suspension lift kit in action on a mountain dirt road.

Jimny Lift Kit Installation Issues

4WD Part Shop outlined in detail some of the issues that installing a suspension lift kit can cause in their Grand Vitara Lift Kit Buyers Guide. These issues can pop-up in the Jimny as well. It might be worth reading that article in full for Grand Vitara owners.

Here’s a summary of things you should consider when installing a Jimny suspension lift kit:

  • Jimny’s have a short wheel base and narrow track width. Adding any height via lift or tyres will make the vehicle more top heavy. For this reason we recommend suspension kits of around 40 to 50 mm.
  • Jimny’s have solid axles, so you won’t get the ground clearance increase by fitting a lift kit that you do on a Grand Vitara, as the diffs can only be raised by fitting larger tyres.
  • Due to the size of the wheel arch you can’t fit a tyre bigger than 215/75r15 without doing body modifications such as hammering the sills or even taking to the guards with a grinder in extreme situations.
  • Fitting a lift kit to your Jimny can be a pretty complicated job. It’s recommended to get a qualified Suzuki mechanic to take care of the installation to ensure factory tolerances are maintained.
  • Fitting a lift kit can affect the performance and handling of your Jimny on and off road. Larger tyres also affect gear ratios and fuel efficiency. While a raised centre of gravity and softer suspension will impact your Jimny’s cornering and braking performance.
  • Jimny’s can suffer from steering wobble from time to time. Any modification to the suspension system and tyres can exasperate this issue, leading to further repairs and modifications and additional steering and suspension adjustments.

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4WD Part Shop Suzuki Jimny Lift Kits

4WD Part Shop stocks lift kits for Jimny by Dobinsons, Ironman 4×4 and EFS

Dobinsons 40mm Suspension Lift Kit for Suzuki Jimny

Dobinsons suspensions lift kit coil springs are Australian made and meet ISO 9001:2008 standards. The Dobinsons lift kit includes 4 coils, 2 Dobinsons rear shock absorbers and 2 Dobinsons front shock absorbers.

EFS 4×4 Suspension Lift Kits

EFS (Enhanced Four Wheel Drive) Suspension is a high-quality product that has earned its stripes in 4WD competitions across Australia. Developed to withstand the rugged Australian conditions, EFS suspension components have been rigorously tested and fine-tuned to meet the specific needs of each individual 4X4 vehicle.

Ironman 4×4 Suspension

Ironman Suspension Lift Kits are built tough for Australian conditions. These will provide up to 40mm of lift. Each kit includes 4 Nitro Gas Shocks and 4 Ironman coil springs.

Jimny Model Specific Lift Kit Options and Pricing

Jimny SN413 FJB33V 1.3L G13BB Petrol 1998-2000

Jimny SN413 FJB33C 1.3L G13BB Petrol 2000-2002

Jimny SN413 FJB43V 1.3L M13A Petrol 2000-2004

Jimny SN413 FJB43V 1.3L M13A VVT Petrol 2005-2018