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Jimny JB74 - XL Ironman 50mm Suspension Kit

Jimny JB74 – XL Ironman 50mm Suspension Kit

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Jimny JB74 / JC74 XL 50mm Suspension Kit - Medium – Nitro Gas 

  1. Front Shock Absorbers x 2
  2. Front Coil Springs 0-50kg
  3. Rear Shock Absorbers x 2
  4. Rear Coil Springs 0-200kg
  5. Extended Brake Hose
  6. Extended Headlight sensor bracket
  7. Front Crossmember Drop Brackets

Please Note : If your Jimny has a bullbar and winch, please make sure to select your load rating from other kit we have available 

Ironman 4×4 coil springs are CNC cold wound and bar peeled for maximum reliability and consistency, every coil spring is ‘shot-blasted’ to ensure long life, pre-set to its solid height and load tested to avoid spring sag. All springs are electro-static powder-coated for a gleaming appearance. Available in raised height and perfectly matched to Ironman 4×4 Shock Absorbers. Ironman 35mm bore Nitro Gas Shocks are the rugged all round 4×4 performance shock absorber. Ironman 4×4 – Nitro Gas Shocks provide exceptional performance for both standard and raised height 4×4’s whilst delivering superior ride control and comfort both on and off road

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